What Illness Kris Aquino is Struggling with?

Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco, Kris Aquino is a Filipino television host, actress and producer born on 14 February, 1971 in Quezon City, Philippines. Kris started her career in 1986.

Kris is popularly known for her role of Princess Intan in Crazy Rich Asians. Kris is a holder of many awards as PMPC Star Awards for television, Golden Screen Awards and FAMAS Award. She also holds the title of Queen of all Media.

Kris got married to James Yap in the year 2005, and has 2 children. Kris Aquino is residing in the United Stated since 2022 to get treatment and her situation is getting even complex, which she shared through an instagram post.

Kris posted on Instagram on Sunday, 21 January, 2024 that she is not doing well in terms of health since November, 2023. She wrote, “at the initial stage of lupus.” Despite her ongoing battle with autoimmune diseases, Kris Aquino maintains, “Bawalsumuko, tuloy pa rinanglaban.”

Kris revealed feeling weak since Thanksgiving, had lost her appetite despite “existing mostly on milk,” and had to deal with recurring headaches. “I was having dizzy spells, and my BP (blood pressure) had very weird fluctuations,” she shared. The actress has lost much weight as well.

Is Kris Aquino Struggling with Emerging New Disease?

As per PEP.ph, “I cried nonstop when I got my blood panel results. My Churg Strauss/EGPA is still being treated, but to add to it my CREST SYNDROME is now in full ACTIVE mode,” said Kris.

Kris confirmed about her new painful struggles, for which she wrote, “It’s highly likely based on my ANA count, my high inflammatory numbers, my anemia, my now constant elevated blood pressure at night, and the consistent appearance of the “butterfly rash” on my face that I’m at the initial stage of SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus) or what’s commonly known as lupus.”

Lupus is a disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy body organs, which can lead to the damage of various body parts such as joints, kidney, heart, lungs, skin and brain. In such a situation, it is a challenge for the patient to gain some weight so that the patient can be given the drug Rituximad.

Said Kris, “It’s a risk because it’s normally given with steroids which my body reacts very adversely to.”But my faith is still strong.”


Kris said that she knows the disease is getting even complex, but she has promised her sisters and sons that she will not lose patience and come out stronger.

Kris also said, “And I’m promising all my friends plus all who continue to pray for me: bawalsumuko, tuloy pa rinanglaban.” Kris believes she is not weak enough to give up, she will fight it, and would stay strong in the battle with the disease.

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