Trends in Men’s Fashion: Omega Watches

When it comes to men’s fashion, it’s no secret that curated looks will have the biggest impact, whether they favor streetwear or smart casual. This will often mean not only picking the right clothing items to build a style, but also choosing the right footwear and accessories to look put-together and add polish. One of the top selections is watches, and the great news is that men can wear prestigious names without the price tag of Rolex and still feel amazing. Omega is a world-renowned brand that has something for everyone, so let’s take a look at everything you need to know when browsing the market for a new timepiece.

Get to know Omega watches

Omega watches were first launched in 1848 and quickly became a firm favorite with men for their high-end yet wearable nature. The brand had a refresh and boost in popularity in the 90s, when a piece adorned the wrist of none other than movie icon James Bond, reaffirming the vibes of durability and luxury that men’s fashion often requires. Wearers can expect:

Unrivaled functionality

One of the standout things about Omega watches is the fact that they are the only timepieces to survive NASA testing. The Speedmaster in particular was in fact the first ever watch to go into space, outperforming the digital clock on the Luna Module when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon! This brand has been favored time and time again for even the harshest of conditions, with all models displaying significant water resistance and a selection withstanding shock-resistant forces up to 5000 G.

An affordable, top tier brand that holds its value

The designers at Omega have an unparalleled focus on quality, precision, and functionality, but each piece is able to portray high-end aesthetics. Many consider it an entry-level brand for its affordability, but some models can come in at a high price point that reflects their uniqueness and strength. Overall, they certainly give the performance one would expect for the cost and hold their value well for those who want to make an investment.

Why invest in an Omega watch today?

If you want to stay at the apex of men’s fashion, there’s no better selection than Omega watches. The great news is that Jomashop is an online luxury accessory retailer that brings a diverse range of luxury watches, accessories, and jewellery to consumers at fantastic prices, so why not check it out today?

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