Tom and Rachel’s Shocking Postcard Scandal Lights up ‘Vanderpump Rules’

So, do you recall #Scandoval? Tom Sandoval and Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, co-stars on Vanderpump Rules, took things to a whole new (and utterly insane) level while she was receiving mental health treatment. These two were keen to keep the flames going even with Rachel away!

Rachel insisted they were over but couldn’t stop writing sweet letters to Tom, who lived under the same roof as his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix. But there’s still more! Also, Rachel sent a postcard with a lightning bolt on it—if you’re unfamiliar, that signifies MAJOR drama. Do you want to know more? Looking for the juicy details? Keep reading.

Raquel and Tom’s Postcard Shenanigans will be Revealed on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Now, let us add some context! In the explosive Part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion, Rachel revealed that she purchased a lightning bolt necklace to mimic the iconic one worn by none other than Tom Sandoval. She proudly displayed it on TV because it was “significant to who [Sandoval] became in my life.”

But wait—the tale thickens when, in May 2023, Scheana Shay’s husband, Brock Davies, spilled the pipping-hot tea on the podcast When Reality Hits. Brock suddenly disclosed that Rachel sent a postcard with a lightning bolt to Tom and Ariana’s shared home.

But hold on, there’s more to the story: in May 2023, Brock Davies, Scheana Shay’s spouse, revealed all on the podcast When Reality Hits. Unexpectedly, Brock disclosed that Rachel had written Tom and Ariana a postcard with a lightning bolt.

“The postcard was [from] Sedona [Ariz.] with a lightning bolt in Sedona, and she sends a postcard, so it’s there for her [Madix] to read,” he stated on Page Six. He called Rachel a “calculated” person because she had switched from giving Ariana sealed envelopes, which are forbidden for her to open, to eye-catching postcards that clearly said what they wanted everyone to know.

“It wasn’t an f–king closed envelope; it was a postcard,” he said. Are you kidding me? She wanted you guys to read it.

Though she was not allowed to open them by law, Ariana revealed on Watch What Happens Live that she saw handwritten notes Rachel sent to Tom at their shared residence.

Rachel Believes Tom Intended for Ariana to See the Postcard with the Lightning Bolt on it

In an episode of Rachel Goes Rogue, the former Vanderpump Rules actress discussed the letters she wrote to Tom. The show aired on January 17, 2024. She went so far as to say that she was cheerful. Tom secretly hoped Ariana would find those letters, especially those with the lightning bolt postcard.

At first, she was attempting to keep everything under wraps by delivering those letters right to Tom Schwartz’s door. However, when Schwartz decides to stop being friends with the cheater, that plan ends abruptly.

Sandoval intervened and instructed Rachel to forward her correspondence to him. Rachel was concerned that Ariana would locate her letters, but Tom reassured her that his helper was waiting to grab the letters before Ariana could even glance at them quickly.

“I remember sending a letter out, and then a few days later, I sent a postcard which had freaking stupid lightning bolts in the way that it was like a storm cloud lightning bolt in Arizona,” Rachel stated in her podcast. “I got a stamp from the bookstore, just a tiny postcard stamp, and I thought it was cute.”

Rachel said, “I thought Tom would make sure his assistant got it, so I sent it to the house, which was a horrible decision. Naturally, Ariana appeared on Watch What Happens Live the day I sent it out, claiming that she had discovered the letters we had been exchanging.”

“So … that sucked because I was like, ‘This letter is already sent out, and I can’t take it back now, like, Tom, I need you to check the mail every single morning and make sure that you get that postcard before Ariana sees it,’” she remembered telling Tom. “He assured me he would… I don’t think he was all that interested. Perhaps he wanted her to see it, I wonder.”

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