Tell Me the Funniest Dark Joke You Have Ever Heard

Who doesn’t like jokes? I mean, jokes have that power that can make any man feel lighter at least no matter if the person is sad, anxious, upset or angry. Joke is that only thing that works in all these situations and emotions.

Jokes are versatile as it can be used by any person of any age group. There are kids who talk to their friends and crack naïve jokes, then comes adults who many a times crack jokes that are hilarious, sarcastic, or even can have double meaning in their words. It totally depends on the person to whom you are cracking that joke and from that you can choose the variety of joke.

To make someone laugh out loud hard is a hard nut to crack. Your joke seriously needs to be funny enough so that the other person laughs his/her heart out because laughing patters are different for every person. Some laugh at even the wittiest of words, while sometimes it takes all heads to make that person laugh.

To help you in such a case where you do not fell short of the funniest of jokes that you can crack in front of any person to make them laugh here we present for you a series of funniest of dark jokes that would make you forever ready to crack your best one.

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