Sugar Daddy Ken Doll in Pastel Suit with Dog

Sugar Daddy Ken is a popular character from Barbie: The Movie. He was so loved by the audience that a doll is being sold under his name across all major online platforms.

The Ken Doll collection has Ken, who looks completely dapper in a pastel suit, and he also has a cute little dog. The dog is an inspiration for his character on the screen and also a piece of Mattel history. The dog is named ‘Sugar’.

In this article, let us dive into knowing specific points about the desirable Sugar Daddy Ken Doll.

  1. The credit for Ken Doll’s design goes to Robert Best.
  2. The Sugar Daddy Ken doll was released in 2023.
  3. The price of the Ken doll is $50.
  4. The doll does not require batteries to work.
  5. Doll Ken is solely a tribute to the iconic movie character.
  6. The doll comes in Barbie packaging, the same as in the movie.
  7. Its label is black.
  8. The order limit for Ken dolls is limited to two per order.
  9. It is a treat for fans of Ken and Sugar.

Sugar Daddy Ken Doll’s Appearance

Sugar Daddy Ken Doll has an eye-catching appearance, which is why it has taken over its fans and is also a treat for them.

Ken can be seen wearing a pink t-shirt that has a collar as well as a white button. Above that, he can be seen wearing a pastel green coat that has two pockets and white work on the coat. He is also wearing white trousers and white shoes.

Ken is handling Sugar with a pink  leash. Sugar is a cute little white terrier. Ken doll stands on a doll stand that also appears to be quite beautiful, as it has decorations all over it in order to match Ken and Sugar.

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