‘Salty Ice Cream’ Tiktok Phrase Meaning

Every now and then, different things keep getting viral on Tiktok, whether it be some funny content, some action, technology, even cringe content. Tiktok is no way going out of relevance anytime soon. This time Tiktok is up with yet another viral phrase called ‘Salty Ice Cream’.

According to Urban Dictionary, the full term, “salty ice cream scooper,” was first added to the website by Corey Miller on Sept. 21, 2007, and its definition is a bit … much, to say the very least.

Apparently, a “salty ice cream scooper” is “Any man or woman who consumes sperm left over for more than 2 days. Usually the sperm comes in flavours due to the donors taking sperm flavour tablets.”

The thing that’s going viral with this trend is, people flash the meaning of ‘Salty Ice Cream’ and side by side react on learning of its meaning. Many people are doing the same thing repeatedly because the phrase has got weird meaning, thus, it is going viral.

We could have survived easily even without knowing the meaning of ‘Salty Ice Cream’, there seems nothing for it to be a trend, but again, its internet, anything and everything can get hype.

Some User Reactions on the Phrase, Following the Trend

“Sometimes learning something new everyday is not needed in life,” wrote one user in response to discovering what the term means.

“Ummm, I suggest not doing that,” commented by another user. “I actually don’t regret searching it,” joked a third TikTok user.

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