Revealing Kurt Warner Children

Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner’s family has been a subject of fascination among his fans. With a blend of biological and adopted children, Kurt’s family life is as intriguing as his illustrious football career. Here’s an in-depth look at Kurt Warner children.

Who is Kurt Warner?

Kurt Warner, born Kurtis Eugene Warner on June 22, 1971, in Burlington, Iowa, is a former football quarterback who made his mark in the NFL playing primarily for the St. Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals. Despite going undrafted, Warner’s talent shone brightly as he went on to become one of the league’s greatest players. His achievements include winning both the Super Bowl MVP and the NFL MVP awards, a rare feat for any player, let alone an undrafted one.

Kurt Warner Children

1. Zachary Taylor Warner

  • Full Name: Zachary Taylor Warner
  • Birthdate: 1989
  • Age: 34/35 years (as of April 2024)
  • Background: Zachary, born in 1989, is one of Kurt’s adopted children from his wife Brenda’s previous marriage. Despite facing challenges because of a tragic accident that left him with permanent brain damage, Zachary inspired Kurt and Brenda to establish the Treasure House, a community for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Zachary’s talents extend to singing, showcasing his passion and resilience.

2. Jessie Jo Warner

  • Full Name: Jessie Jo Warner
  • Birthdate: 15 January 1992
  • Age: 32 years (as of April 2024)
  • Background: Jessie Jo is Kurt’s stepdaughter and adopted child. She serves as the Program Director for the Treasure House, a community for young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). Jessie married Daniel Stanton in 2015, adding another dimension to Kurt’s extended family.

3. Kade Warner

  • Full Name: Kade Warner
  • Birthdate: 29 September 1998
  • Age: 25 years (as of April 2024)
  • Background: Born in 1998, Kade is Kurt Warner’s first biological child. Following in his father’s footsteps, Kade pursued a football career, playing for college teams like the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Kansas State Wildcats. Despite facing setbacks, including going undrafted in the NFL, Kade remains determined, recently marrying Abigail Sufficool and continuing to pursue his football dreams.

4. Elijah Storm Warner

  • Full Name: Elijah Storm Warner
  • Birthdate: 3 November 2003
  • Age: 20 years (as of April 2024)
  • Background: Elijah, also known as E.J., is Kurt’s second biological son. He showcased his skills as a college football quarterback and is set to play for the Rice Owls in the upcoming NCAA football season. E.J. represents the next generation of athletic talent in the Warner family.

5. Jada Jo Warner

  • Full Name: Jada Jo Warner
  • Birthdate: 17 February 2001
  • Age: 23 years (as of April 2024)
  • Background: Jada Jo, Kurt’s fifth child, pursues her passion for acting and theatre. A student at the University of Southern California, she has already made appearances in television shows and continues to hone her craft. Jada Jo embodies the creative spirit within the Warner family.

6. Sierra Rose and Sienna Rae (Twins)

  • Full Names: Sierra Rose Warner and Sienna Rae Warner
  • Birthdate: 19 December 2005
  • Age: 18 years (as of April 2024)
  • Background: Sierra Rose and Sienna Rae, the youngest members of the Warner family, were born as twins. As they navigate their teenage years, they represent the future possibilities and adventures that await the Warner family.

Kurt Warner children reflect the values of love, resilience, and ambition instilled by their parents. Each one contributes to the family’s story uniquely, enriching the legacy of the NFL legend both on and off the field.

Interesting Facts About Kurt Warner

Undrafted to MVP: Kurt Warner is the only player in NFL history to win both the Super Bowl MVP and the NFL MVP awards in the same season, achieving this feat during the 1999 season with the St. Louis Rams.

Arena Football Star: Before his NFL career took off, Warner found success in the Arena Football League (AFL), where he played for the Iowa Barnstormers. He won two AFL championships and was named the league’s MVP twice.

Grocery Store to NFL: Before his NFL career, Warner famously worked at a grocery store stocking shelves to make ends meet while pursuing his football dreams. His journey from stocking shelves to winning Super Bowls is legendary.

Fastest to 10,000 Passing Yards: Warner reached 10,000 career passing yards in just 36 games, making him the fastest player in NFL history to achieve this milestone.

Super Bowl Success: Warner led the St. Louis Rams to victory in Super Bowl XXXIV, defeating the Tennessee Titans. He also guided the Arizona Cardinals to Super Bowl XLIII, narrowly losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a thrilling game.

Hall of Fame Inductee: In 2017, Kurt Warner was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the sport.

Christian Faith: Warner is known for his strong Christian faith, often crediting his success on the field to his religious beliefs. He has spoken openly about the role of faith in his life and career.

Philanthropic Work: Alongside his wife Brenda, Warner is actively involved in philanthropy. They founded the First Things First Foundation, which supports various charitable initiatives, including children’s hospitals and programs for people with disabilities.

Broadcasting Career: After retiring from football, Warner transitioned into a successful broadcasting career. He has worked as an analyst for NFL Network and has provided commentary for numerous games and events.

Family Man: Despite his fame and success, Kurt Warner prioritizes his family above all else. He is a devoted husband and father, known for his strong bond with his wife and seven children, including two adopted sons.

These facts highlight Kurt Warner’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to NFL stardom, showcasing his talent, resilience, and dedication both on and off the field.


How many children does Kurt Warner have?

  • Kurt Warner has seven children, including both biological and adoptive parents.

Which of Kurt Warner children followed him into football?

  • Kade Warner, Kurt’s first biological child, pursued a football career like his father.

What is Zachary Taylor Warner known for?

  • Zachary Taylor Warner inspired Kurt and Brenda to establish the Treasure House, a community for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What is Jessie Jo Warner’s profession?

  • Jessie Jo Warner serves as the Program Director for the Treasure House, showcasing her commitment to supporting individuals with disabilities.

Where are Sierra Rose and Sienna Rae Warner now?

  • Sierra Rose and Sienna Rae Warner, the twins, are navigating their teenage years and exploring their interests as they grow within the Warner family.

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