Liza Todd Net Worth 2024

Liza Todd, also known as Elizabeth Frances Todd, was born on August 6, 1957, in New York, USA. She is an actress. You can find out about Liza Todd’s life story, how old she is, how tall she is, what she looks like, who she’s dating or had relationships with, her family, and her career.

Her mom is Elizabeth Taylor, and her dad is Mike Todd. Liza loves making sculptures and caring for animals. She likes to keep her life private. Her parents were very famous in Hollywood. In this article, we’ll find out Liza Todd’s net worth.

Who is Liza Todd? 

Liza is the daughter of famous actress Elizabeth Taylor and late Mike Todd, the theater and movie producer. She’s their only child, and Elizabeth’s last child. Liza was born on August 6, 1957. Her father, Mike Todd, died in a plane crash on March 22, 1958, so she never got to meet him.

Liza Todd has had several stepfathers: the singer Eddie Fisher, the actor Richard Burton, U.S. Senator John Warner, and Larry Fortensky. But the stepdad she was closest to and felt was like a real father to her was Richard Burton. He even officially adopted her.

What is Liza Todd Net Worth?

As of 2024, Liza Todd net worth is between $100,000 and $1 million. People can’t agree on the exact amount of her money. Liza works as a sculptor, making statues of horses and dogs out of bronze. She also knows a lot about African animals.

Her mom, Elizabeth Taylor, was very rich. She was a famous actress and businesswoman. When her mother died, she had between $600 million and $1 billion. She had a plan for her money called a revocable living trust.

Just think of that, if she gave all the things to her children, each one would get more than $100 million. People usually think most of her money went to her children, grandchildren, and charities. But hey, it’s hard to predict the exact amount.

Liza Todd is a very famous personality in the US for her acting. Because she’s talented and successful and it’s obvious she has a good financial condition at the age of 67. She worked hard and that’s why she’s so popular. Over time, she’ll probably have even more money, and everyone will know her as a big star.

The Career of Liza Todd

In 1979, after finishing her studies, the star child started her job as a sculptor. She liked horses a lot, so she decided to make sculptures of them from bronze. Important race sponsors liked her work so much that they gave her special projects to make statues. 

She also created more sculptures, like a bronze calf for the village of Gstaad and a rescue dog made from debris of the World Trade Center after the September 11th attacks. She started making sculptures of African animals, especially elephants, for a place called HERD in 2016. HERD usually takes care of orphaned elephants in South Africa.

Later, she designed scarves with elephants and cheetahs from the artwork she made for a show called From Line to Form: the Jabulani Elephants. The money she made from selling these scarves went to South Africa to help save animals like cheetahs and elephants.

Besides her artistic profile, when she was 12 years old, she acted in a movie called Anne of the Thousand Days in 1969. And the best part was, there was a reporter who asked her if she wanted to be an actress like her mom, but she quickly said no.

Liza Todd Material Status

The Internet is a big part of our daily lives. We can use it to find out a lot about people from all over the world. According to the New York Post, Liza Todd got married to Hap Tivey in 1984.

Lisa and Hap have two sons, Quinn Tivey, born in 1986, and Rhys Tivey, born in 1991. They were happy for a while but they split up. In 2003. They officially ended their marriage. After going through the legal process they quickly sort it out the divorce and each went their own way, since then Lisa seems to be living on her own.

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