Leslie Charleson’s Absence from the ‘General Hospital’ Linked with her Health Issues

Leslie Charleson plays the role of Dr. Monica Quartermaine on the show ‘General Hospital’. Her character is much loved by the audience, however, she has been absent from screen for two years.

Leslie is returning to the screen after two year break, to this the fans speculate that she kept absence off screen due to health issues, else, fans are excited enough to see their favourite star back on the show.

Leslie Charleson’s Life at a Glance

Leslie Chareson, an American actress, was born on 22 February, 1945 in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Charleson’s professional career began in the year 1964 from an opera, after that there was no looking back for her and thus, she became the longest serving cast member of General Hospital.

Leslie Charleson got married to Bill Demms in the year 1988, but due to unfortunate reasons the couple got divorced in the year 1991. After her divorce, Leslie did not remarry; neither had she ever had children. All she did was to focus on her acting career. In her free time she preferred horse riding.

The ‘General Hospital’

The melodramatic, suspenseful and romantic show General Hospital has delivered somewhat 15,000 episodes till date. General Hospital is American daytime television opera soap. It holds the Gunnies World record for the longest running opera soap in America.

The show runs around the lives of people of Port Charles, New York, to this plot all the excitement, thrill and twists take place in the episodes.

From the entire running of the series ‘General Manager’ till date, Leslie Charleson is the longest serving cast member; hence, it shows how the series and fans are so attached with the actress, which is why her being absent from the show for two long years created the buzz of her being unwell.

How did Leslie Charleson’s Sickness News Surface?

Leslie being absent from the show General Hospital for a span of two years, fans noticed some changes in her physical appearance.

 That sudden change was enough for her fans to speculate that she might not be keeping well with her health, due to which she was also not the part of the show for two straight years. Though there was not any official confirmation of her being in any sort of health crisis.

How did People get to Know About Leslie’s Return to the General Hospital?

A teaser released in which Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) was noticed involving in a scene with Tracy Quartermaine, which is when fans got that it is nothing less than Leslie’s return in the show after a break of two years.

Fans expressed that they can’t wait to see her presence in the General Hospital as Dr. Monica after this long.

Is Leslie Charleson Really Sick?

Is Leslie Charleson Really Sick?

Fans noticed some difference in her physical appearance; Leslie’s face appeared to be fuller. That is when people speculated that she is not keeping well with her health. Though there is no official information about her health issues.

Now, with Leslie’s return to the General Hospital, it seems that she is doing well in terms of her health, which is a positive indication, thus, her fans are excited enough since the trailer launch.

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