Kristen Bell’s Tattoos – Real or Fake?

American actress Kristen Bell is much known for her stellar performance in the thriller film Spartan and also received praise for her performance in the television drama film Gracie’s Choice and of course When in Rome.

Several years ago, Bell’s tattoos video went viral and created a lot of buzz. People speculated if her tattoos are real. She had around 214 tattoos, among which some were Tasmanian Devil, a treasure troll, Steve Urkel etc.

After having a whole lot of talks about the tattoo for a long time, it is known that the tattoos were Fake, yes, she has been pretending the very talked news about her and thus, it was not true even a bit.

All About Kristen Bell

Celebrities have their own stardom, they almost believe in living life that is different from others, which is definitely not common but Kristen is different in this case, as she is known for her kindness and pretty good behaviour towards others, she is a warm hearted lady despite being a successful actress.

Bell is known to live a wholesome life as she is not just known for her charismatic acting skills and kind heart but she is also a co – founder of Hello-Bello, a babu care product line that provides environmentally friendly and affordable products, so that many people can afford to have it, thus, she cares for the society and the people living in it.

How did People get to Know About Kristen Bell’s Tattoos?

Photos of Kristen Bell covered from head to toe in tattoos went viral with many people actually not realizing the images were from a Funny or Die Youtube video. In the behind-the-scenes style skit, Kristen brags about her tattoos to an interviewer, which she has to hide under tons of makeup before filming.

Kristen continues to show off her tattoos, she also tells that some nine tattoos were made by herself on her body and face and each tattoo on her body got a different meaning.

Funny or Die re-released their 2012 video of Kristen Bell’s tattoos skit as a shortened version for TikTok, which again created a lot of buzz all around social media. In the Funny or Die clip, Bell talks about a secret only a few people know about her, saying, “I have accrued a lot of ink over the years.” According to

And it’s Fake

For around a decade people were living or speculating on the belief that Kristen Bell has 214 tattoos on her body and face and that she is the most tattooed celebrity.

As we already know how the video or the gossip surfaced through a viral skit, where she portrayed all of that in a fun manner, she did it simply in a light hearted manner, made many statements, accompanied with the help of her makeup artist which created a lot of news that are those even for real?

Now, almost after a decade, while answering to weird questions that are googled about her, Kristen Bell, in a chat show again revealed that those are not real tattoos.

Yes, she said that and with those statements of hers, she again got herself into talks that why did she do all of that, that too for such a long time, to which she said that all that was done, happened in a light hearted manner, her intentions were not serious at all.

She further said that she wishes to have tattoos someday, she could not have them for now because her husband does not like girls with tattoos, so she would want to convince him and someday get tattoos on her body. She might get inked in future, if not in the way she portrayed to have 214 tattoos, she can have some of those of course.

The matter of tattoos, such weird in number and type, ink all over body and face, thus comes to a pause with Kristen Bell’s statement of faking them for a long time. The buzz had somewhat the same reaction it had several years ago when Kristen’s tattoos got viral and now, this time when the news was confirmed to be fake and Kristen Bell denied having all those tattoos.

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