Know About Bob Lee Net Worth 2024

Bob Lee is an American businessman and a software engineer. He was best known for helping create the Cash App, which is a financial service application. He was also the chief technology officer at Square and the chief product officer at MobileCoin.

Bob Lee Age

Bob Lee was born on December 20, 1979. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in the in the United States. As of the year 2023, Lee’s age was known to be 43 years.


Bob moved to Miami with his father after the demise of his mother. He attended Lindbergh High School. He started getting recognition as Crazy Bob because of his exuberant energy when playing water polo. Lee went to Southeast Missouri State University.

Bob worked as a web developer for Southeast Missouri State University. He then worked as a technical architect at AT&T. In 2004, he was employed at Google as a software engineer.

He also helped develop the Android operating system. He has helped develop many technologies for Apache Struts, Dalvik, Oracle, and Google.


Bob Lee was married to Krista, but the couple got divorced in 2019. The couple has two children together. Lee’s children stay in the Bay Area, but Bob moved to live in Miami with his father.

Bob Lee Death

Bob Lee Death

Unfortunately, on April 4, 2023, Bob Lee was stabbed to death. He was stabbed on Rincon Hill in San Francisco. Later, San Francisco police found that Nima Momeni was the one responsible for killing Bob Lee and arrested her on April 13, 2023. Lee was 43 years old at the time of his death.

Bob Lee Net Worth

Bob Lee was a businessman and a software engineer who has worked on many projects and contributed to many technical projects. Bob Lee net worth was estimated to be $10 million before his death.

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