Justin Timberlake Announces Free Birthday Concert in NYC. How to Get Tickets?

Justin Timberlake was born on 31 January, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Justin is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and an actor; he is often referred to as ‘Prince of Pop’.

Timberlake is known for his works in Cry me a river, Rock your body, My love, Dick in a box, Give it to me, The love guru, Friends with benefits and the list is long.

Justin Timberlake is a winner of several prestigious awards such as Grammy Awards, Primetime Emmy awards, Brit awards, Billboard music awards, Contemporary icon awards, Billboard declared Timberlake the best performing male solo artist in the history of Mainstream top 40.

Justin went to University of Nebraska High School, and started his career in the year 1992. Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel in the year 2012, and the couple has two children.

Justin’s Concert on his Birthday

Justin Timberlake’s birthday falls on January 31, and on the same day Justin has announced a concert ‘One night only’, and since his birthday falls on the same day, Justin has announced free tickets on his birthday 31 January, for the concert.

Justin posted a photo on his Instagram, the post reads, “Justin Timberlake is performing for one night only in New York City”. The post also mentioned the date of the show and the venue.

As per CBS News, Timberlake also shared a short clip of what is presumably a new song. “All we need is one moment, or two,” the singer croons over the beat.

“We’re at the table, seated, and ready to eat, sir. No crumbs will be spared for this roll out,” one user commented. Another said they felt like they were 21 again having a “panic attack” while attempting to get tickets for the show.

Tickets, powered by Ticketmaster, can be requested by filling out a registration form on Timberlake’s website. The window to request tickets closes on Friday at 11:59 p.m. ET, and there is a limit of two tickets per person.

Users need to enter their billing information to secure the registration, but the tickets themselves cost nothing. If selected, the tickets are also non-transferable. Confirmation will be sent out “by the evening of Tuesday, January 30,” according to the site.

Timberlake will be in New York City this weekend, where he was announced as the musical guest for the Jan. 27 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” alongside host Dakota Johnson.

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