How Much does Sara Bareilles Wedding Ring Cost?

Sara Bareilles is an American singer, songwriter and actress known for her works in the albums Love Song, Kaleidoscope Heart, The Blessed Unrest etc.

There are several accolades in her name which includes Grammy Awards, Tony awards. Sara was even named as one of the Top 100 Greatest Women in Music, by VH1.

Since 2015, Sara Bareilles is hitched to Joe Tippett who is an American actor known for playing Sam Strickland in the NBC drama series Rise and John Ross in the HBO crime drama miniseries Mare of Easttown.

Sara Bareilles and Joe Tippett exchanged engagement rings, and Sara’s engagement ring is talked about a lot. Sara shared on her Instagram, this Friday the first glimpse of her new ring with her fans.

Sara shared a bunch of images of household stuffs and titled the post as ‘hand holding things’. In that group of household items there was an image that clearly showed a ring on Sara’s hand.

In her Instagram post Sara shared, We have been engaged for a year and this is the ring we chose- we picked it up yesterday. We bought the gold leaf at an arts fair in Mexico City last December because looking for a ring started to feel like it was distorting and eclipsing the beauty of choosing each other.

Joe found this ring at an antique store upstate. I was buying tiny lamp shades. (So cute!) It didn’t fit my finger so I was scared to take the leap. I had been thinking I should go get something custom or really hunt for the “right ring” so I balked at it.

We drove back to our house without it and talked about the concept of the ring. That it is something he wants to give me, not just get for me. That the leap of faith of not quite knowing if it was “the one” is just that.A leap of faith. And isn’t that life?

I look at this ring and think of his big blue eyes and how sometimes they are pleading with me to let go and grow into something new with him. So I did. And we got it the next day and got it sized and now I just love that I see him when I look at it- I like looking at you @joetipps.

Exceptional “hand holding things” pictures were taken by me. Please credit me I’m a very important photographer. Though about the gold ring Sara talked to the PEOPLE in 2023, “We found this cheap little ring in a market that we both love, and we were like, ‘That’s the thing for now!’ “

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