Gloria Gaynor Net Worth 2024

Gloria Gaynor is a popular American singer who is best known for her disco hits.

Gloria was born on September 7, 1943, in Newark, New Jersey, United States. Her birth name is Gloria Fowles. She became Gloria Gaynor after her tracks She’ll Be Sorry and Let Me Go Baby. Her grandmother was very involved in her upbringing.

She was always interested in music; she enjoyed listening to the radio. Her father played the ukulele and used to play the guitar at nightclubs. Gaynor has five brothers and one sister.

Gloria Gaynor Career

Gloria was not allowed to sing initially, but in the 1960s, she used to sing with The Soul Satisfiers, which is a jazz music band. Her initial recognition began when she was signed by Columbia Records. Then she moved to MGM Records, after which she released hits such as Never Can Say Goodbye, Reach Out, I’ll Be There, and How High the Moon.

Gaynor’s major recognition came from I Will Survive, Substitute, I Have a Right, The Tonight Show, The Answer, and I Wish You Love.

Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive is her autobiography written by her.

Gloria has won many awards, like the Grammy Award, an honorary doctorate in music, and her name in the Hall of Fame. She has worked with many big stars, such as Michael Jackson and Kylie Minogue. She has broken many chart lists on Billboard.

Gloria Gaynor Relationship

The singing sensation married Linwood Simon, who was her manager. The couple married in 1979 but got divorced in 2005. Gloria never had a child. Though she wanted a child of her own, Gloria’s husband never desired a child.

Gloria Gaynor Net Worth

Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor had a marvelous career, which included fame from singing and acting. She has made a large fan base for herself. Gloria Gaynor net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

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