Eric Braeden Diagnosed with Another Episode of Cancer After Announcing to be ‘Cancer Free’

Eric Braeden is a German actor born on 3 April, 1941 in Bredenbek, Free state of Prussia, Germany. The actor graduated from University of Montana and started his acting career in the year 1960.

Eric Braeden is best known for his roles in The Young and The Restless, The Rat Patrol, The Forbin Project, Titanic. He also has several accolades on his name such as the the prestigious Emmy award.

The actor went through tragic cancer diagnosis, about which Eric later confirmed that he has recovered last month, but again to his misfortune, Eric announced that he is diagnosed with bladder cancer, earlier this year.

Eric, on knowing that he was cancer free wanted to return to his daily schedule and a normal life. But the legend didn’t skip his work amidst his diagnosis, as after even the news Eric continued to star as Victor Newman on daytime’s No.1 rated series.

“I already am (in fighting shape). I’ve already kind of forgotten about it,” the star of “The Young and the Restless,” 81, tells over the phone.

Eric is strong enough to keep up with his workout routine as well, despite his age and cancer to make the scenario worst. It is reported that he still walks, runs and lifts heavy weights regularly.

Eric does so, not to challenge the nature or the type of disease he is suffering with, but to be an inspiration to those who suffer, and lose faith in life, Eric wants to help such people, and set an example for the same, rest he is well aware that prostate problems are way too difficult.

Eric in talks with, over phone said that, “There certainly shouldn’t be any (stigma)” associated with talking about your health, he says.

How Eric Braeden got to Know About Cancer Diagnosis?

One night Eric felt that he’s peeing a lot, to get the same checked he went to the doctor, where the doctor asked Eric to get checked the volume of prostate. Eric further explained, “It worked for a while, and then it started again. Obviously the prostate had regrown and was again doing its impingement work on the urethra,”

There the doctor misdiagnosed Eric and told there was nothing to worry about, but four months later Eric, just couldn’t urinate. Eric then found the need to take a second opinion of another doctor, who told that Eric was diagnosed with cancer.

Eric said, “It is only uncomfortable on the day of, really. It’s not bad. It burns a lot that day, and you take a little pill to reduce the burning,” Eric tried maintaining a calm attitude during the entire process and said that the issue was manageable for him.

“I have enormous respect for medicine because you realize it’s not only a science, but it’s also an art. Why, for example, did the first urologist not detect the cancer when only a few months later the other one did?” he says.

Braeden’s medical team is now trying to determine if his cancer was caused by genetic or environmental factors since his older brother, who will soon be 90, had his bladder removed due to cancer.

How did Eric Braeden Maintain to Work After Diagnosis?

Throughout the cancer treatment, Eric did not stop working and continued to work on the Young and the Restless. About his encouragement, Eric said to, “I love my work. I still am challenged by making it as real as I can,” he says.

“You can make your muscles stronger to the very end of your life,” he says. Braeden recommends doing something physical every day, stressing that it doesn’t have to be a hardcore workout. “Sports have made me who I am. … From early on you learn to overcome obstacles,” he says.

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