Courtney Clenney Net Worth 2024

Courtney Clenney is an Instagram model with over two million followers. At present, Courtney is 27 years old, and her glamorous life turned into a life of havoc when she recently got into the news for killing her boyfriend Obumseli.

Courtney, in her defense, exclaims herself to be innocent. She blamed Christian for having an affair with some other woman; she got to know that he cheated her. That’s why an argument broke out between both of them over confrontation.

On the other hand, Courtney’s lawyer called Christian a cheat and the one who abused Courtney. Her lawyer defended her, saying that whatever she did was solely in self-defense against getting triggered.

Courtney was charged with second-degree murder as she had a weapon that she used to kill her boyfriend. Basically, Courtney got extradited from Hawaii to southern Florida.

Courtney is held without bond, waiting for her trial after the arrest in order to prove herself innocent.

Though the viral video that is supposed to act as much creamy proof against Courtney is available with the lawyers of Obumseli, they would try hard and leave no tables unturned to prove Courtney guilty of the murder of Christian and also would make sure she gets behind bars.

Thus, she has pleaded not guilty in court in Miami.

Courtney Clenney Net Worth

Courtney Clenney started her career as a model; she chose digital landscape as her profession and became a model. Later she joined OnlyFans and people started searching for Courtney Clenney onlyfans and Courtney Clenney nudes on the internet.

She gained popularity on social media for her talent, and apart from talent, she generated for herself a considerable amount of wealth. As per reports, Courtney Clenney net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Courtney did not just confine herself to staying a model; she was also seen trying her luck in music videos, events, and several other projects. For her popularity, she has many brands and endorsements in her bag, which all contribute to Clenney’s future career growth and net worth.

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