Christina Applegate’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Diagnosis Walkthrough

Christina Applegate has been open about her health conditions since long. In 2008, Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer, to which she underwent heavy treatment, later she got her ovarian and fallopian tubes removed as she feared the reoccurrence of the disease.

Unfortunately, she got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis disease, which she made official in the year 2021.

About the recent disease, Mayo Clinic says, MS is a “potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord.” The disease has the potential to damage the nerve fibers and hamper the communication of the brain with other body parts.

Christina Applegate’s Journey After the Diagnosis and its Announcement, Over the Years

Year 2021, in August- Christina made her health condition public. In the year 2021, she decided to tell the world about her health situation that she got diagnosed with MS disorder few months before announcement.

She shared a post on twitter (Now X), which says, “It’s been a strange journey,” she wrote at the time on Twitter, now known as X. “But I have been so supported by people that I know who also have this condition. It’s been a tough road. But as we all know, the road keeps going. Unless some a—— blocks it.”

Further she requests her fans and followers to give her privacy and space as she is going through a tough time. She also told that she is on a journey to navigate herself. In this journey of recovery, humour has played a great role for Christina, as shared by her.

Christina Applegate Talks Openly About MS Symptoms in the Year 2022

Christina gathered enough courage to talk about the symptoms of MS as she thought that this might garner some courage in her and also might help people in the same situation.

She shared her physical symptoms when she opened up while chit chatting with the New York Times.

Christina further told that she started to sense some difference on the sets of Dead to Me while shooting a dance scene. During Christina’s Hollywood Walk of Fame award ceremony, she attended the event barefooted, where she disclosed that she finds it difficult to stand for too long.

She even talked jokingly about her being bare foot at the time of her winning speech. Christina used a cane and also her friend and co-star KateySagal physically supported her as she found it difficult to stand for too long, which portrays bit of her physical struggle.

Christina’s Health Know How After 2 Years of Revelation in the Year 2023

Christina Applegate gave several interviews where she told the same thing which was very upsetting to hear. Christina told that she finds it difficult to act and she did not seem sure of the duration that for how long she would act more.

Christina further reveals that during the shoot of Dead to Me, she thought that it would be her last acting project. She informed that the disease has made her weak, in order to do the daily chores or even to look after her daughter; she takes the help of a friend on weekdays and on weekends, she has a care taker to take care.

Christina Applegate at the Emmy’s in 2024

Christina Applegate at the Emmy’s in 2024

Christina was nominated for outstanding actress in a leading role for her character in Dead to Me, but she lost. She was called on stage during the event as a special guest, she also got standing ovation to which she got surprised.

Christina, when got handed over the mike, jokes at first about her disease, then went on to thank the audience for their support, later she continued to talk about her performances.

The journey of Christina Applegate has been full of ups and downs, and heads down to the level of courage she has and how graciously she has been fighting with the disease till date.

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