‘Children raised with ipad are terribly behaved’ Advice Comes from a GenZ

It can be seen everywhere that how the world is taken over by technology, very especially mobile phones, ipad, tablet etc. parents now a days use mobile phones to raise their children.

That simply means that children these days are exposed to screens very early in their lives, soon after their birth, which is said to have developed terrible behaviour in children. Such children are said to have violent temper, lack of concentration and also they are short of social values.

Even GenZ can feel this change that is taking place in children of today, thus they request parents, and not to do that with their children as such a growth might become very intolerant to see the generations to come.

One such GenZ@gabesco, posted a video on tiktok in early November 2023. In the video, he was seen urging the parents of his own generation, not to raise children by handling those ipads for hours.

He was reacting on a particular video in which a millennial was seen clapping at GenZ  kids by claiming that they were raising the next generation (called Generation Alpha) to take over eventually.

He goes on to blame parents for raising their children in an improper way by introducing them to screen too early and for too longer hours that such children develop terrible behaviour.

He continues to say that such raised children lack in imagination; they have no original thought of their own. To cure this, he urges new parents to teach their children values on their own, and explain that being on screen all time is not right.

He is not the only one who has raised voice against this issue, many other people online are supporting this. One user posted, @hopeyoufindyourdad

@gabesco I am fully on board with what this creator is saying although kids having ipads is a bit inevitable at this point the real issue is regulation and parenting styles #genz #genalpha #millennial #parenting #ipadkid #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen

This user @hopeyoufindyourdad, supported the ipad issue. Her name is AndraB, she is a nanny and has experience of looking after children at large scale. Andra share on tiktok that to deal with Gen Alpha is a ‘nightmare’.

She tells these children are born on screen and have extreme social issues because of being on the screen all the time and almost for everything.

She also tells that due to being on screen all the time, the children of this generation are reportedly poor in social skills, have lack of concentration power, Andra also notices traits of aggressiveness.

The blame has been put on technology since ages, earlier it used to be the case that children should be kept away from television, then video games became more prevalent and took place of television, then came the initial days of social media when Facebook, twitter were blamed for halting social interactions, and finally, today, screen (phones, tablets, ipads) have taken all the blame for all the mischievousness in children.

Interestingly, GenZ feel that children should be raised away from screen exposure, for better all-round development and for a better future, and are taking steps to create awareness.

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