Are Adam 22 and Lena Still Together?

Adam 22 and Lena got married in 2023 after dating for around five years. The couple hosts a podcast together named Plug Talk Podcast, where they interview a woman and later get on physical terms with the same woman.

The lives of celebrities are often judged; they do not have the liberation to do anything they want without the opinions of mere random people. Adam and Lena and their relationship are in the news these days.

Lena shot an adult film with porn star Jason, after which the public is heavily criticizing Adam; they are even calling him a simp for letting his wife sleep with somebody else, no matter if it was on screen. People are doubting about the couple’s marriage and bond between them.

Who is Adam 22?

Adam 22 real name is Adam Grandmaison. He was born on November 24, 1983, in New Hampshire, United States.

Adam is an American YouTuber and a podcaster. The name of his YouTube channel is No Jumper, where he has 4.63 million subscribers. Adam is a popular YouTuber who has silver and golden play buttons.

Who is Lena?

Lena Nersesian is an influencer, YouTuber, and adult content creator born on June 1, 1991, in California, United States. Lena is a famous influencer who makes vlogs and adult content and runs two podcasts, Touchy Subject and Plug Talk.

She is also known as Lena the Plug. Her fans often search for Lena the Plug porn and Lena the Plug nude on the internet due to her adult content.

Are Adam 22 and Lena Together?

After all the controversy that happened, Lena shot adult content with Jason, and the public called Adam a simp.

Lena, in talks with TMZ, said that she feels really bad for Adam and that he is being criticized for no reason. She said that it is their life and they should do whatever they wish.

She defended Adam, saying that they have had threesomes for around 200 times with other women, that they understand and love each other, and that they do not mix personal lives.

Adam also released statements where he said that he has also slept with a number of women, but Lena never stopped her and always loved and supported him.

Adam further told me that at first he felt bad when Lena slept with Jason; he was a bit jealous, but with time he understood that it was for work and career, and then he was all fine.

The couple has a lot of clarity in their relationship; they understand and support each other, which is why such talks about them do not affect them much. They keep their personal and professional lives separate.

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