90 Day Fiancé Stars Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo Calls it Quit

Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo joined 90 Day Fiancé in its 5th season. The couple got much love in their performance. Though there are no photos of the marriage of Jasmine and Gino, it is known that the couple got married in the year 2023.

Jasmine and Gino have often been in fights and have had many splits, but they somehow got together almost every time. But this time, it seems serious. Jasmine and Gino’s split talks are all around, and fans find enough reasons to keep speculations going, such as,

Jasmine Pineda and Gino Palazzolo Relationship Problems in Long Distance

Jasmine and Gino had problems even before they met in person and were having a long distance relationship. They have had multiple fights and breakups then as well.

Jasmine speculated on Gino’s loyalty towards her and asked for evidences for his heres and theres.  On the other hand, Jasmine’s close relation with her ex-boyfriend Dane, bothered Gino, they had fights because of this matter.

The couple almost broke up when Gino refused to pay Jasmine’s rent of the apartment she has in Panama, or when Gino chose his family over Jasmine.

Jasmine Seen Without the Ring

Once Jasmine noticed lipstick lying in Gino’s car, which became a matter of tension between the couple. After which Jasmine found out that Gino had been to strip club.

On hearing about the strip club Jasmine threw her ring and wanted to go back to Panama. But things got fine between the couple before they flew off to Miami. Gino wanted to propose Jasmine the first time they met in person. In hurry Gino bought a $250 cheap ring. However, the cheap ring never bothered Jasmine.

During their wedding showcase in Season 10 of 90 Day Fiancé, Jasmine expected a real diamond ring. Gino got her the one to which Jasmine expressed her excitement to have got a real diamond ring. She told that, she always wanted something like that.

But now it feels that the ring, for which she was so happy once, doesn’t excite her anymore and in Jasmine’s latest instagram post, she was seen without the ring in her left hand.

Jasmine Working on a Project Without Gino’s Involvement

Jasmine is seen going to New York very often recently but alone. It is known through Jasmine instagram story that she is launching a health product, as her story had a hashtag which read #veganprotein.

Jasmine’s love for vegan and health products, made the news even obvious that she is starting a new venture, but she has been seen working on this project alone.

Gino is seen nowhere, when his wife is on to start a new business venture which is so fresh and important for her. Gino seems nowhere to cheer Jasmine, which strengthens the speculations of their split.

Jasmine’s Instagram with Nothing of Gino on it

Jasmine who is active on instagram, posts often, but Gino is not seen in any of her posts that she is posting recently. This feels that Jasmine has moved to New York and Gino stays back in Michigan.

So much has happened between the couple Jasmine and Gino, that this time it seems quite obvious that the couple is not together anymore, after so many fights, heartbreaks and what not.

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